European Wedding Cake


What is a European Wedding Cake?

The French assert that the wedding cake tradition began in their country. Wedding cakes in France and Belgium tend to follow one of two styles.

The more traditional style is the croque en bouche, a cone made of round cream-filled pastries which are dipped in hot toffee. When the toffee cools, it hardens to form a solid structure upon which decorations are placed.

The second style is a series of sponge cakes of varies shapes and diameters. Our cakes are baked in Chef Greg´s own unique pans brought to this country from Europe, combining any variety of white, dark and milk chocolates, creamy mousses and glazed fruits, and topped with fresh fruit or flowers.

Our customers are involved in the creative process and Chef Greg encourages each customer to convey his or her dreams for the perfect cake.

The chef will work with you to produce a glorious cake one that you and your guests will remember for years as a delight and a triumph.

Then the chef will personally deliver your wedding cake so he can present his work to you himself, and also add his personal care on your special day. Finally, it can be displayed on a unique European wedding cake stand, designed by the chef himself.

Since every cake is unique, we don´t have a standard price list. Prices can range depending on what sort of creation you choose. In creating these exquisite works of art, we can use fresh fruit flowers, fresh flowers and cream flowers.